Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sloths and Samples

I had a very odd but satisfying day today.

I was volunteering at GMRC again after a good month or so of not being able to make it in due to one thing or another. Instead of painting rocks again however I was tasked with something else entirely.
There's a display planned for Kelvingrove in the next couple of months and some of the specimens needed a bit of a clean before they could be installed soooo...

I spent most of the day giving this lovely little Three Toed Sloth a bit of a beauty treatment!

 Three Toed Sloth

Three Toed Sloth

I forgot to take a 'before' photo but it probably wouldn't have made much of a difference, these things look grubby even when they actually are clean. XD She (I think it was a she anyway) was mounted in 1879 so she's looking pretty damn good for her age even if this photo makes her look awful!

Barbara got to do the same but with this gorgeous little creature; a Kinkajou!



I also took some very useful reference photos of some deer and antelopey things in the store for use in my Unicorn project which are sure to come in handy for when I need to sculpt things from different angles.


I jokingly asked Laurence whether he had a Unicorn hidden away somewhere that I could 'borrow' for college and then had a bit of a lol when I found this next to the Narwhal tusks.


Apparently the Learning and Access people had been taking a school group round. XD

Adder Base (finished)

I also managed to finish the Adder base after months of waiting for the wiring to be done so I could actually install the snake onto it.

I'm really rather pleased with this one actually and it really makes me want to get some small specimens for myself.

(Not that I'd actually have the space for them to sit in my room though, lol, nearly every horizontal surface is covered in crap!)

Adder Base (finished)

After lunch Dad informed me that there was a surplus of bits of fabric going spare in the Activity room as they were having a clearout and wanted people to come in and take anything they liked for hobbies etc and asked if I'd like to have a look. Naturally I said yes - I can't resist the opportunity to have a good rummage through a pile of free fabric! - and came away with what felt like most of it. Some of it I know I probably won't use any time soon but it was so NICE and as anything not taken by the end of the week was due to be chucked out I really was doing them a favour by taking it.

Free Samples FTW!

I now have a whole drawer almost overflowing with fabric samples from the internet and this kind of thing - I should really get round to doing a post on them actually, I've made some nice things from a few of them.

Anyway, tomorrow will hopefully bring some progress in terms of getting things done so keep your fingers crossed! :D

EG out!


  1. The sloth kind of scares me a little bit, haha... but 1879? Dang!!

    I wouldn't of been able to resist the fabric either. ;)

    1. Yeah, she's not much of a looker is she? XD