Tuesday 8 January 2019

The Fresh Squad Unboxing!

After what feels like forever, I finally have two of the three lads from The Fresh Squad! I wish in hindsight I’d got Anthony as well but hey-ho, I’m happy with the two I ended up with anyway!

I’d really like to do some tutorial videos and things this year, so I thought I’d do what all the cool kids are doing these days and do an unboxing video to test things out as I haven’t made any proper videos in years. (with the exception of my stopmotions) Hopefully it isn’t too cringey - even when I’m alone in the house I get myself super nervous in front of a camera and had to edit out several minutes of me forgetting how to word and going off on a tangent! XD Any future videos would likely have me behind the camera with a voiceover and not actually in the frame, but I didn’t want to faff about with the big tripod this time so you’ll just have to put up with my face! XD

Anyway, without any further ado, here it is!

I’m in full on studio tidying mode so my desk is completely obscured by craft supplies and doll clothes, so I haven’t been able to take any photos of them yet, but I’ll post something on here later hopefully as they’re very photogenic!

If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in a future video, please let me know! I’m determined to actually get my arse in gear this year when it comes to productivity so I thought this would be a good thing to aim towards.