Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Pony Painting with my Pals and other Fun Stuff

Friends are great things to have in general, but friends that don't mind driving eight hours across the country to see you and play with ponies are the best.

Tom and Rory visit

NaMoPaiMo 2019!

I've been procrastinating more than usual recently, and as a result my documentation of this year's event has been delayed by far too long!

I filmed as I painted, so there’ll eventually be a full video tutorial on YouTube at some point once I’ve got round to editing it all!

For a project like NaMoPaiMo, success can be measured in many different ways.
For some, success can be as simple as adding paint to a model after years of no motivation, or trying out a new colour or technique. For others, it can be more specific, like finally finishing that AR you’ve been putting off painting because you lacked the confidence to even start it, or nailing the perfect dappling technique.

Everybody’s experience is entirely their own, and therefore, in the words of the inimitable Bob Ross:

’we don’t make mistakes, we make happy accidents’

That said, I made my fair share of mistakes this year, but I think the successes drowned them out overall.

‘Primrose’ - NaMoPaiMo pony 2019