Monday, 22 June 2015

Royal Highland Show 2015 - Part 6 - Sheep, Cows and Everything Else!

I don't pretend to be an expert in cattle or sheep and usually I only spend a few minutes looking at them at the show but this time round, through Magda's influence, I had a much closer look than usual.

Sheep & Cattle

Royal Highland Show 2015 - Part 5 - Showjumping

I'm not going to lie, this is my favourite thing to photograph.

I'm also not going to lie about the fact that this post is an absolute behemoth so please forgive me, I took a LOT of photos of the jumping and I'm not very good at choosing which ones to post. XD

Showjumping Talentseekers

Royal Highland Show 2015 - Part 4 - Sidesaddle and Misc Horses

I'd seen a sidesaddle class here only once before, and my photographs didn't turn out particularly well as the weather was foul. This year my pics weren't much better as the light kept changing and I was constantly readjusting my white balance, but never mind.

Collecting Ring

Royal Highland Show 2015 - Part 3 - Sport Horses and Hunters!

As we walked around so much and classes overlapped and ran over their allotted times, I found it really hard to keep track of what I'd photographed so some of these may not be quite right. XD

Sport Horses In Hand

Royal Highland Show 2015 - Part 2 - Clydesdales!

Technically we saw the Clydesdales before the Highlands but ponies always come first in my eyes, so...yeah. :P