Monday, 9 February 2015

An attempt at digital sculpting

I got the free 3D modelling/sculpting program Sculptris aaaages ago, but only dabbled, making a couple of really basic models out of boredom.

Anyway, since then I've been admiring the outstanding digital work of several equine sculptors in the model horse hobby and thought I'd give it another go. XD
I've no idea what breed it's going to end up as but as long as it looks like a fairly decent equid I think I'll be happy, haha!

It started off looking like this... XD (yay, giraffe pone!)


...after maybe an hour or two. (I can't remember exactly when I started it today so that may be way off, lol.)

Aaaaand, right now.

I'm putting off dealing with the lower legs and feet as they're really not my strong suit, haha.

So yeah, still very early days but I'm pretty chuffed so far!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Back to Skyrim...

As you might remember, I've been working on and off on bringing some of my Skyrim characters to life in 1/6th scale form. So far I've created Skara the thief/archer and her squishy cob mare Inky, but not much other than that...


Until now, that is!

I support Copperfox Model Horses!

As many of you will have already seen from Becky's post on Utterly Horses, due to the creation of her own model horse company, Copperfox, Breyer have refused to stock her with any of their models as they see Copperfox - a company so small and new that they haven't even launched yet - as a direct competitor.

While I can understand their point of view on the one hand, pulling all their products from the UK's most well known and respected retailer of model horses, and without any discussion of a compromise, is exceedingly childish and has really made me lose respect for them as a company.
I will still buy the odd Breyer if it catches my eye, but secondhand if possible, as I don't want to support a company that resorts to blackmail like that.

As one of the Founding Foxes, I look forward to receiving my two Copperfox models next month and will continue to support the brand, as it's about time we got some accurate British breeds and hopefully, without the 'big company' attitude!

Becky gave me the go-ahead to post this little badge I made, in case anyone wants one to put on their website or forum sig/avatar :)

 photo copperfoxbadge100px_zps199daf63.png

 photo copperfoxbadgesmaller_zps1b3cf7bd.png
 photo copperfoxbadgetiny_zps74893374.png