Tuesday, 20 July 2021

I always knew I needed a Needle Neddie...

A couple of years ago, my best pal Tomás came down to visit for a wee holiday, and while he was here, after we'd all gone to the museum and boot sale and talked horse for hours, he brought out a big bag of wool and some very sharp stabby needles and explained that he'd started needle felting as a hobby. During the course of the week he made two, a very squishy Suffolk and a slightly less so roan, and very kindly gifted the Suffolk to me before he left! She's a little wonky but utterly adorable. <3 I also had a go at a cat, which didn't exactly end well. XD

In the following years, his skills have grown immeasurably, to the stage that he's now making them to order, and after winning a money off voucher in a photo show's raffle recently, I knew I couldn't put off ordering one any longer!

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Meet Petra! - 1/6th scale needlefelted dog! (plus tutorial)

Kirsty has always wanted a dog, and over lockdown finally decided to take the plunge and adopt from a rescue. As soon as she laid eyes on Petra the whippet, she knew she’d found her new best friend!