Tuesday 20 July 2021

I always knew I needed a Needle Neddie...

A couple of years ago, my best pal Tomás came down to visit for a wee holiday, and while he was here, after we'd all gone to the museum and boot sale and talked horse for hours, he brought out a big bag of wool and some very sharp stabby needles and explained that he'd started needle felting as a hobby. During the course of the week he made two, a very squishy Suffolk and a slightly less so roan, and very kindly gifted the Suffolk to me before he left! She's a little wonky but utterly adorable. <3 I also had a go at a cat, which didn't exactly end well. XD

In the following years, his skills have grown immeasurably, to the stage that he's now making them to order, and after winning a money off voucher in a photo show's raffle recently, I knew I couldn't put off ordering one any longer!

As anyone who knows me will attest, I love me some floofy ponies, so you might have assumed I'd have chosen a cob or a really fluffy pony for my first order, and normally you'd be right. It took me a ridiculously long time to decide on a design - I swithered between Highland, Cob and Clydesdale for weeks until I finally settled on a Clyde. 

After selecting a few reference pictures and chatting at length about what other details I wanted (dapples, a greyish mane and tail and hoof stripes) he got started, and within what felt like only a couple of days, my new horse was ready to come home! He was exceedingly patient with me when I asked for a couple of changes here and there (I'm sorry, the droopy lip was ADORABLE but I just wasn't feeling it 🙈) and every update photo had me even more excited to see the final creation.

To say I’m pleased with the results would be something of an understatement, she’s absolutely perfect!


She named herself Flora as soon as I unwrapped her which was exceedingly helpful as I’m usually terrible at coming up with names! XD

She's absolutely loaded with details, from her glass eye to felted chestnuts and udder, right down to her chonky little sculpted feet! It’s hard to believe she’s just wool and wire! 

Thanks to that wire armature she can be put into a lot of different poses and she's utterly captivating from every single angle. I really want to make her some tack, or at the very least a rope halter for showing!

So yeah, get yourself a Needle Neddie ASAP, they’re adorable!
Check out the website for details on how to order your own or just to ogle all the squishy ponies. 



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