Saturday 24 October 2015

Bewitching Hour - The very first Scottish Live Show!

Yup, you read that correctly, we finally had a show up here!

Fellow Glasgow-based collector Eleanor organised it, and did extraordinarily well, especially considering it was her first show!

There's a fair number of hobbyists in Scotland, though many are spread out and about all over the place, so it isn't so easy to round everybody up for a get-together, but we had a few folk here today and it went really well. A couple had to pull out at the last minute with one thing or another, which was a real shame, but hopefully the next time we'll get them all here.

(Apologies in advance for the crappy photos - I was rushing around and a lot of them have ended up really blurry. :( More can be seen --here-- )

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Official Julip Live 2015!

As you all know, I find it difficult to get to Live Shows as they're invariably held at the other end of the country which, as I don't drive, is insanely expensive to reach on the train, so I either have to cadge a lift off another kind collector (or my dad!) or don't go at all, simple as that.

I was determined to make it to this particular show however, as it was a little bit special, celebrating Julip's 70th Anniversary!

Rockcliffe Holiday 2015

This is going to be a rather long and potentially boring post for anyone who reads my blog solely for model stuff, so apologies in advance! I like to write about my holidays in such detail as I have a terrible memory and its a good way of immortalising them for the future.

Read on for beautiful sunsets, interesting beaches, autumn colour, tasty cakes and fabulous scenery!

The next post will be full of Julips as I'll have a report on the official Julip Live I went to on Saturday!

Sunday 4 October 2015

Kinetic Sand!

I first heard about Kinetic Sand a while ago, and after seeing other hobbyists use it to great effect at shows and in photographs, I decided to take the plunge and try it out for myself. Until now, I've used buff coloured felt glued to a piece of cardstock for an arena floor, but the seam between the two sections really bothered me - not to mention the fact that it only vaguely resembles sand.


I've experimented with sand and other footings before but I don't have a phenomenal amount of storage space in my room, and finding room for a tray or something that could contain a lot of loose material has been difficult, but thankfully I no longer need to worry about that!

Even more tack!

Apparently I'm in a tack mood at the moment! XD

After coming up with the little notebook of tack, I started making up a few of the missing sets.

Those without headcollars got them...

Merlin's Headcollar
He suits this shade of blue SO MUCH - I'm definitely going to make him a matching rug...

Headcollars and some bonus organising!

Somewhat shockingly, I'm actually able to go to the official Julip Live this year!

I wanted to see if I could earn a bit of a money to put towards spares and other purchases at the show, so I thought I'd make up a batch of headcollars and leadropes to sell at lunchtime. I had a few old ones that I didn't need for my own Julips too, so I'll be selling those as well, though for a bit less as they aren't quite as good as my current efforts.


Whilst I was working on them, I finally cracked how to make multicoloured ropes, so I a bit carried away. XD