Wednesday, 13 May 2020

1/6th scale Damaged Synth custom WIP

As with so many of my projects, I started this one without a plan.

Damaged Synthetic

I've always loved cyborgs/androids and the concept of artificial intelligence and sapient robots is one of my absolute favourite sci-fi concepts. I've got a host of characters I'm intending on making dolls of, one of which has a cybernetic arm, so I've been meaning to practice making one before committing to the final design. I knew I wanted to preserve as much articulation as possible, so moving joints was super important, and if I could surpass the original figure's range of movement, all the better.

The Drifter and the Droid (plus bonus stopmotion)

I’ve been in a real sci-fi mood recently after playing Detroit: Become Human (which I would 100% recommend if you love everything related to androids gaining self awareness and the resulting fight for acceptance and civil rights combined with a noir style detective game and branching storylines with many many endings - I could gush about this game all year, it's fantastic) and this proved fortuitous as I’ve had plans to make a robot arm for a future cybernetically enhanced character for a long time, so I decided to grab something from one of my many body boxes and give it a go just to see how it turned out and well, things progressed slightly…😅 (This post will have the whole start to finish guide of how I put everything together)

I couldn't resist doing a photoshoot inspired by one of my favourite sequences in the game, although just to clarify, this figure isn't intended to be from the D:BH universe, just vaguely inspired by it.

Damaged Synthetic