Wednesday 26 November 2014

I'm officially a graduate!

 Yes, I graduated from college yesterday!

 (by the time you read this it'll be the day before yesterday, heh)


I have had the pleasure of studying with some of the most talented, creative and generally hilarious people for the past three years and I still can't quite believe it's all over. Only about half the class were able to make it to the event, as many had work or in the case of a few, had moved far away for a job. Still, it was great to see everyone again, even if only for a couple of hours.


After much faffing about with our gowns, (the hoods of which seemed intent on trying to strangle us) getting official photos taken, and trying not to fall down the stairs (I don't do heels, even if they barely registered as such by other people's standards!) we were herded into the main auditorium of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and took our seats. The Principal of the college spoke for ages, followed by a special guest, then another person had a wee speech so by the time people's names were read out half the audience was already half asleep. :P

One of my tutors was reading out the names from our department, so you can imagine my disappointment when 'Christina Sutcliffe' was announced. You've only known me three years Eddie, come on, how hard is it to remember my name?!

  photo tumblr_mlynyt75RK1qf9xz0o2_250_zps0872b215.gif

I wasn't smiling when I walked on to shake the Principal's hand and that's why, so I'm a bit irked that that will be my abiding memory of the day, and not the fact that I graduated at all, which, considering my history, really is a big deal.


The whole event was broadcast live on the college's website and is now up to watch online. (if anyone wants to see ten seconds of me walking grumpily across the stage, I'm on at  1.16.30 in Ceremony 2 -here-)

Afterwards, we got the class together for some photos...

Very serious business, graduating




 ...I gave Eddie a telling off...


 ...and then my parents and I met up with my cousin Ailsa, and went out for a celebratory meal at Stravagin - very fancy food but really nice. I had crispy ox tongue with fried gnocchi and peas to start (not too keen on the tongue, but the gnocchi was amazing) followed by a venison and thyme burger, (really good) with a frankly delicious chocolate, salted caramel and peanut tart to finish. We all must have looked hilariously out of place when the waitress arrived at one point with some lemon and coriander sorbets to 'cleanse the palate' and we just kinda stared at them for a minute as we don't tend to go to places where that was a thing, haha!

When I got home I tried on my new official college hoodie and yeah, that's it pretty much. XD

I don't feel like I've properly finished college - I still don't feel ready for the real world - help!
College Hoodie! :P

Monday 3 November 2014

Plague Doctor Costume - updated!

The pink socks just make it that bit more historically accurate XD.

I made the mask for this a couple of years ago but never really got an actual costume together until now.

Plague Doctor Costume 2014

Plague Doctor Costume 2014
Photoshop ftw!

I found a really basic black hood/cowl at the £1 shop the other day, which *just* fits over the mask, and the necklace is actually the locket Horcrux from Harry Potter that I found in a charity shop the other day! The coat isn't ideal (I borrowed it from my mum, haha) and I could do with an extra cowl to go over my shoulders but it's not bad for the traditional Halloween movie night with my friends.

My hat had just been knocked from my head, hence the pose, ahaha.

We were all going to bring food and as I am the resident cake guru, I provided a selection of homemade cupcakes (lactose free, as one of my friends is intolerant!) and I'm not even gonig to pretend to be modest but they were GOOD cakes! (unlike my decorating...shhhhhh)
You can get the recipe -here- - I didn't have the right food colouring so instead made the 'black' batter chocolate.

I'll get the mini pumpkin tutorial up soon!