Monday, 3 November 2014

Plague Doctor Costume - updated!

The pink socks just make it that bit more historically accurate XD.

I made the mask for this a couple of years ago but never really got an actual costume together until now.

Plague Doctor Costume 2014

Plague Doctor Costume 2014
Photoshop ftw!

I found a really basic black hood/cowl at the £1 shop the other day, which *just* fits over the mask, and the necklace is actually the locket Horcrux from Harry Potter that I found in a charity shop the other day! The coat isn't ideal (I borrowed it from my mum, haha) and I could do with an extra cowl to go over my shoulders but it's not bad for the traditional Halloween movie night with my friends.

My hat had just been knocked from my head, hence the pose, ahaha.

We were all going to bring food and as I am the resident cake guru, I provided a selection of homemade cupcakes (lactose free, as one of my friends is intolerant!) and I'm not even gonig to pretend to be modest but they were GOOD cakes! (unlike my decorating...shhhhhh)
You can get the recipe -here- - I didn't have the right food colouring so instead made the 'black' batter chocolate.

I'll get the mini pumpkin tutorial up soon!


  1. Absolutely love that costume!

  2. Oh wow, this looks like fun! And such tasty stuff, yum.
    The pink socks really top it off, though! XD Naw, but really, your costume gets more and more awesome everytime.