Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Max does NaMoPaiMo - The Conclusion!

I meant to post this ages ago but I've been distracted by painting more ponies!😂

I managed to get everything spliced together into one video, so ta-da! Here's Max's work in its entirety!

I had a lot of fun making it all so I'll definitely be doing more like it in the future.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Max does NaMoPaiMo!

A little late to the party as ever, but the first of February marked the anniversary and new start to the incredibly fun and rewarding 'National Model Painting Month', or 'NaMoPaiMo'.
With well over 600 entrants this year, it's instantly bigger and better than last time and some people are already posting their finished horses on the Facebook group - some the same day the month long challenge began!

I aim to paint a micro mini I've had lying around naked for far too long...


...but I wasn't the only one in the household who had some goals for this month - Max wanted to take part too!


This post will contain the first part of her NaMoPaiMo experience...which includes stopmotions!
(click on the Instagram posts to view them)

If you're on Instagram you can follow #maxdoesnamopaimo to see her progress! 

I will of course be posting my own NMPM work, but let's face it, Max is way more photogenic!