Sunday, 4 October 2015

Even more tack!

Apparently I'm in a tack mood at the moment! XD

After coming up with the little notebook of tack, I started making up a few of the missing sets.

Those without headcollars got them...

Merlin's Headcollar
He suits this shade of blue SO MUCH - I'm definitely going to make him a matching rug...

Byron's Headcollar
It's hard to believe that Byron here and Merlin (above) are both the same mould - Byron has much more refined features!

 ...while others got new bridles...

I'd been wanting to make a proper in hand bridle for Agrimony for a long time, but finally replenished my supply of gold wire so I could do the 'brass' hardware. The reins don't match at all but I'll replace them eventually. The chain part on the browband is actually set into/behind the rest of it and it took a ridiculous amount of time, during which I managed to glue the chain to my fingers more times than I care to count...

Agrimony's bridle

Agrimony's bridle

Agrimony's bridle

Kestral's ridiculously pink and fluffy bridle isn't new, but I replaced the browband. I made it little more than a glorified headcollar/sidepull hackamore as I reckon she's the kind of horse they'd put absolute beginners and young kids on for leadouts and first lessons, and she'd welcome a nice gentle bridle that won't exert any pressure if someone accidentally tugs on her mouth.
The colour scheme sort of happened, I generally hate pink with a vengeance, but it suits her somehow.

Kestral's tack set

Kestral's tack set

I'd had the saddle in progress for months, in pieces, but I finally got round to sticking it all together. The numnah is just a bit of fleece at the moment, but she'll get a better one eventually. Julip Lippizaners are incredibly difficult to fit saddles too as they were sculpted with a very short back - same with the Irish Draught mould by the same sculptor - so even if you bear that in mind, they always look too far back.

Kestral's tack set

Chego got a hackamore too - based off one I found online, the reins attach to a strap underneath the chin. I'm still not 100% about it, so I may end up making him something else in the end.

Chego's hackamore

Chego's hackamore
He and Tully are going to have to fight over this saddle as they both really suit it, but it was Tully's first so he'll probably get to keep it, unless I whose name did I put on it again?

Rhona's treeless saddle was completely remade as I was never happy with the shape of the (foam!) flaps and the seams with really obvious gluey bits. It's vaguely based on the 'Torsion' saddle, but I've seen so many other brands of treeless saddles that stick to a similar shape so it could be anything really.

Treeless Saddle

Rhona's Treeless Saddle

The straps are elastic, rather than leather, but I quite like the look of them; like they're some kind of newfangled synthetic stuff that's easier to clean or whatever.

I don't have anything profound to end on, so here's a picture of Byron looking very slightly worried about something.



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