Sunday, 22 May 2016

New pony shelves!

As you may have noticed, my Julip herd has grown exponentially over the years and as a result, space is now at a premium. I keep most out on open shelves with a handful of the more light sensitive ones locked up in a stable to keep out the sunlight. The only problem is, the shelves - made by my dad when I was about nine - are far too tall, and there was a lot of wasted space going unused.

Old shelves

They weren't quite deep enough to get two rows in so I stuck a big sheet of card in to extend it out by an inch or two which did the job but wasn't ideal.

Old shelves

I'd asked if Dad could put up another level months ago but something always came up at the weekend or he'd just sat down with a cup of tea and couldn't possibly even think about moving, so it never quite managed to get done. I'd have done it myself but he's in charge of all the major DIY in the house. (plus, I didn't want to be the one responsible in case it all came crashing down!)

Today however, we had success!

The ponies were removed...

New shelves for the ponies! shelves were put up...

New shelves for the ponies!

...and the residents moved back in!

New shelves for the ponies!

Beforehand they were all doubled up so I couldn't see the ones in the back row very well but now I can see them all at once which is great. There's not enough space for a second row of big horses but plenty of room for ponies if I had them side on, so my order list can grow guilt-free once more!

There's another shelf on the right for my custom Schleichs - they were getting very cramped and a few had actually got damaged from being displayed too close together so extra space for them was a priority.

New shelves for the ponies!

Ideally I'd like to use the space for more Julips but as I don't have anywhere else to keep the Schleichs at the moment it's going to have to do for now.

I think the plan is to completely gut and redecorate my room this summer as it has literally been well over a decade since I had anything done to it and its in dire need of better storage and a new carpet that isn't covered in glue, paint and god knows what else!


  1. Hi Christine! I LOVE the way you have configured the new shelf units. I agree that there is little point in having your treasures on display if half of them aren't visible. Your double row of shelves is not only functional but also look stylish. But I am completely GOB SMACKED by the vastness of your collection- WOW what an Amazing herd you have corralled!!! :D


    1. Thanks! :D

      What's scary is that my collection is tiny by comparison to some of my friends who have over 200 Julips apiece! O_O