Wednesday, 1 October 2014

SM Hedge diorama!

Yes, yet another diorama! XD

This was another commission, but this time I was left to design it myself, with the only stipulation that it had to be 'very green'. I think I did rather well on that basis. :P

I've been wanting to make a mini hedge for a while and now seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go. The base itself is a little smaller than A4 but can accommodate several stablemates at once. The first few shots were taken on my phone so the colours are a little off.

SM Scale Hedge Diorama

SM Scale Hedge Diorama

It has actual 'trunks' and branches that the foliage grows out from which true to form doesn't actually show up in pictures, heh.

SM Scale Hedge Diorama

SM Scale Hedge Diorama

SM Scale Hedge Diorama

SM Scale Hedge Diorama

The colours are more accurate here.

EA Driftwood Pixie - Highland - Gelding - AR - EG2

EA Reridan - TB - Gelding - CM - EG 2

I really enjoyed making it and quite fancy doing another for myself as this one showed off my customs really rather well. (though I'd like to try doing a winter one...with snow. :D)


  1. I love your dioramas! What material do you use for grass? :)

    1. Thank you! :D
      It's a thing called static grass - ideally you apply it with a ridiculously expensive piece of kit which applies a static charge to it, thus making all the grass stand up on end - but you can get just as good a result with a squeezy bottle. XD

  2. Your hedge and your horses are Remarkable!!! I am so Impressed with this build up of a variety of materials. Congratulations on your Realistic hedge your horses! "D