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Holiday in the Highlands - Part 5 - Waterfalls, Ardtoe and Monster Midges!

Part 5

I've got all my dates and photos mixed up a bit so I'm kinda guessing which day I did what, haha. Oh and apologies for the terrible formatting - I always try to centre the photos but instagram apparently doesn't like it. D:

The next day brought with it better weather and for virtually the first time we could actually make out the cliffs of the Small Isles in the distance.


En route back to the house the night before we'd seen a really massive waterfall nearby but it was too dark to investigate so we left it til the next morning.


We couldn't get right up to it as the trees were too thick and the hill too steep but we got a reasonable view by scrambling up a rocky hill and doing our best to peer over the canopy. I wish we could have got closer though.

On our way down we found this little guy on the path!


This time we abandoned the shore and headed inland towards Moidart.

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 The scenery was lovely, but I found myself drawn irresistibly towards the textures of the walls and fences.

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One spot really spoke to me however as it was pretty much exactly as I picture my Julip yard's fictional setting. The hills and undulating moorland of Captain Robertson's Cairn were as close to the real life 'Hollowcroft Moor' as I've ever seen. (and yes, I did take some Julips with me and yes, I did photograph them there but that's for another post. :P)

Given that the aftermath of the EU referendum was still raw, seeing this sign only further fuelled my outrage and sadness at the results.

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Finally we set off back to the coast, heading up towards Ardnamurchan, where a couple of our friends stay regularly. We didn't quite make it all the way up there (at one point the road literally just ends, haha) but we did get to the gorgeous and tiny Ardtoe beach.

En route we passed a legendary Scottish beastie outside someone's house...

The rain had started again by the time we got to the beach so we didn't stay long which was a real pity as it would have been absolutely glorious on a fair day.

It was a totey wee beach but like all the others we'd been to, the water was crystal clear and even in the dull light, there was still something quite magical about it.

It was surprisingly busy considering it was so far off the beaten track - a whole three other people were on there with us - a guy with a metal detector who had so far only found a couple of bottle caps, and a couple who were sitting on some rocks to one side and really spoiled my view!

The rain set in with a vengance on our way back so we only stopped once.

By the time we got home it was absolutely heaving.

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You can actually see the wind picking up the waves here!

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True to form, the storm passed and quite literally too - that's it disappearing on the right!

We paid the Glenuig Inn a visit again for tea and once more were very impressed with the food. I'm afraid I was one of those people who photographed and blogged their meal on Instagram but it was just so good I couldn't resist!


The following day we headed for home and the week really seemed to have gone by far too quickly!

 The next post will be full of rather a lot of photos as a result, sorry in advance!...

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