Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Copperfox Model Horses

As many of you in the hobby will have seen by now, Utterly Horses founder Becky Benfield, has set up her own model horse company, Copperfox. She's looking for backers on Kickstarter and I'd wholeheartedly recommend making a pledge.

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Breyer and Stone are great and have some lovely models, but for those of us in the UK, the chance of them releasing anything that looks like our beloved native breeds is slim, and the rare few that have been made haven't been particularly accurate to the breed standard. Copperfox offers the opportunity to see a huge variety of British breeds, and I for one can't wait to see how it goes! They have loads of plans for future moulds including Shires, Clydesdales, Highlands, Shetlands, Suffolks, Hackneys - you name it, and they're probably planning it!

The first three models are as follows:

A fantastic Welsh Sec D sculpted by Kelly Sealey, an Exmoor by Harriet Knibbs and a Connemara by Kitty Cantrell. (not my photos, but taken from the kickstarter page)
They are all 1/9th scale, so will fit in with other Traditional scale models perfectly.

There are a range of pledge options, but by far the most popular is the 'Fennec Fox' package of £50, which will get you one of the first horses released in plastic, which is the one I've gone for as I would absolutely love a bay Welsh Cob.


No money will be taken from you until the entire total is reached, and only if the total is reached by the deadline of January the 5th.
I urge you all to seriously consider making a pledge - no matter how small, as this is a fantastic opportunity that we really cannot afford to miss!

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