Friday, 1 April 2011

Pipecleaner Animal Tutorial!

Made, filmed and edited yesterday, but uploaded to youtube today. :D I had a really nice selection of songs as the background music but youtube muted it. ¬¬ It's now some random Jazz number I found on the audioswap thing but it's just not the same! >:(

The result from this is this lovely little Australian Shepherd type dog. Name suggestions appreciated as she just won't tell me!

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

I also made this little dog earlier on in the week. She's definitely a Collie cross of some kind but I can't think of a name for her. She reminds me of the dog my old riding instructor had - black and white with a big bushy tail and always getting covered in hay and bits of muck. XD

Collie X

Here they both are with Max from earlier on. :D

The new dogs...


  1. Yaay! The doggies are adorable! :D :D Will help you think of names.

    Thanks to our bloody @%%!! copyright laws, youtube won't show me your vid at all... :( :( :(
    Any chance of reposting it once without audio? *begs prettily*

  2. Aww, those doggies are so cute! :D Humm names.. The black one really looks like Axel, my friend's dog. :P

    He's the black one. XD

    For the Australian Shepherd... What about Nico? ^^

    And thanks for the tutorial, I'll try it if I find pipecleaners... >.<

  3. Grrr, that's really annoying! ¬¬ *shakes fist in the direction of youtube*

    The audioswap thing's still switching songs so maybe try again tomorrow once it's finished? Once it's done it should be copyright free as the music's from YT's own library of songs.

  4. Ok, I will sure will be back and try again. :D

  5. DizzyLizzy2/4/11 9:53 pm

    Wierdly for me it just didn't bother with any audio at all *rolls* But great tutorial! =D Will defo have a go sometime soon :) It really helps to see the stages and watch how you did it. Also love the way you fast forward at times so people can see what's going on, without having to watch every little detail... Brilliant as always :)
    And that's one cute doggy! Reminds me of the blue merle Aussie in the children's stories I write when I have the time, called Gizmo :)