Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Julip Tack List

I realised the other day that I didn't have an accurate list of tack for all my Julips and as one of my resolutions this year was to make them a full set each, having an idea of who needs what sounded like a good idea! (it also lets me see just how many I have now and eeep, I'm not far off 30 Originals! :o)

- Bridle, halter (needs saddle, new rug)
Kestral - Bridle, headcollar (needs saddle, new rug)
Callisto - Bridle, Saddle, headcollar,rugs.
Paddy - Saddle, Bridle (needs headcollar and rug)
Jazz - Bridle, Rug (needs saddle)
Fergus - Bridle, Rug (needs saddle)
Giovanni - Bridle, Saddle, Rug
Banksy - Bridle, Rugs, Headcollar (needs saddle)
Archie - Bridle, Saddle, Rug, Headcollar.
Maisie - Saddle, Rug, Headcollar (needs bridle fixed)
Ezio - (needs everything)
Rhona - Bridle, Saddle, Rug, (needs headcollar)
Tully - Saddle, Rug, Headcollar (needs bridle fixed)
Tegan - Bridle, Saddle, (needs rug and headcollar)
Lady - Bridle, Saddle, Rug, Headcollar.
Lyra - Bridle, Saddle, Headcollar (needs rug)
Harry - Bridle, Saddle, Headcollar, Rugs.
Kerry - Bridle, Saddle, Rug, Headcollar.
Jaconelli - Bridle, Saddle, Headcollar, Rugs.
Axel - Rug, headcollar.
Arkas - Rug (needs headcollar)
Bambi - (needs rug and headcollar)
Ptolemy - Bridle, Saddle, headcollar, rug.
Mitchell - Bridle, Saddle, Headcollar, (needs new rug)
Manchego - Bridle, headcollar (needs saddle and rug)
Harper - Bridle, rug, headcollar (needs saddle)
Roscoe - Bridle, rug, headcollar (needs saddle)
Rhu - Bridle, headcollar, rug (needs new saddle)

Mishto - Bridle, rug (needs headcollar and saddle)
Jean-Luc - Rug, headcollar (needs saddle and bridle)
Rebel - Bridle, rug,(needs saddle and headcollar)
Sultan - Bridle, rug (needs saddle and headcollar)

I make that 14 new saddles, 8 headcollars & rugs and 4 bridles needed. I'm going to be busy!

New boy Paddy got a saddle to match his bridle last week. I followed this brilliant tutorial by Jennifer Buxton for the bucklefree adjustable stirrups and I'll definitely be using it again as it takes a lot of hassle away from the construction!

Paddy and Kerry


  1. I am so pleased that you found that tutorial useful. I usually like my tack to work exactly like it's full sized counterparts, but that is such an elegantly simple way to make adjustable stirrup leathers... I just can't make myself use buckles!

  2. :D My problem is that I often don't make the skirt long enough so any buckles are usually incredibly obvious - then you have the issue of the buckles getting mangled from repeated use (I'm too cheap to actually buy some RR ones so I just make my own XD)so this has been something of a revalation to me!

  3. O.O Just how small are the Julips? This looks awesome and I think I get a knot in my fingers by the mere thought of the reins. *lol*

  4. Slightly smaller than 1/12th scale - I don't think I could go any smaller without killing my eyesight! XD