Sunday, 7 February 2016

Copperfox 10 Day Challenge! - Inspiration Day

 Copperfox posed a very interesting challenge this week, so I thought I'd give it a go.

I'm a little behind on this one so I'm going to put each day into an individual post and pretend I posted them on different days... XD

Day 1:  Inspiration Day

 'An easy start to our challenge! Find something that inspires you. It could be a picture of an unusual colour of horse that you would like to turn into a model, a how-to tutorial video or a piece in your favourite magazine about collecting things that you love. Or it could be a song, film, piece of poetry- whatever it is, find something that gets your creativity going!'

As we can choose to interpret this challenge in whatever way we like, I'm going to dedicate this post to just a few of the many blogs that inspire and encourage me to try new things.

In no particular order...

The Luckenbach Ranch - I'm not going to lie, I think this one contributed the most to my love of realistic model horse photography. I remember when I first got into the hobby and discovered Juliane Gartska's website and my jaw literally dropped. To me, these are the most realistic models in the hobby, hands down. As you'll all know, I love setting up scenes with my models and figures but nobody does it quite as well as she!

The Ivorytower Stables -  Gorgeous horses with great character and equally fantastic settings, riders and tack, I always love seeing what's new and I really enjoy seeing all the restored customs and vintages. Haired models ftw!

Braymere Custom Saddlery - I don't think I'd ever tire of reading Jennifer's blog, there's always something new, funny or interesting to see, (very often all rolled into one post!) whether its her gorgeous dogs frolicking in the snow, photos from live shows and real horse events or the ever popular saddle rats, and her tack tips are incredibly easy to follow. 

Shoestring Stable - As a big fan of all things DIY in the hobby, Leah's blog is one of my favourites. She has such a varied skill set and it shows in the huge range of customs and tack and showing reports that nestle alongside pictures of cats and ponies! XD

Desktop Stables - One of my absolute favourite blogs, Nichelle's attention to detail in all that she makes is incredible, and I love that she very often posts printables and other tutorials as well as very generous giveaways!

Otterine's Miniatures - By far one of my favourite miniaturists - Brae's work is second to none, and I love the way the construction of each new project is documented

MitchyMoo Miniatures - Another mini blog I never tire of, Pepper's work is fantastic, and like Brae above, all her makes are wonderfully explained and documented - much to the appreciation of those like me who cannot cut straight lines to save themselves. XD

Fabulously Small - The name of this blog speaks for itself really, and the mini hand cream I've linked to there still shocks me by just how tiny and perfect it is! I use the full size version myself and wow, I never fail to be impressed by what I see on that blog!

Studio E Miniatures - As a real life hoarder of things and lover of clutter, I absolutely adore seeing doll's houses bursting at the seams with stuff, and so, Elizabeth's scenes are right up my street. You can get lost in a single picture, wondering what's behind that vase, or just out of view!

Amber's House - I love, love, love this blog - so many tutorials and guides - can you believe most, if not all of the objects in the blog header were made from paper?!


That's only a fraction of the blogs I follow, and I'd encourage you all to check them out, even if they're not related to your own hobby!


  1. hi Christine, thank you for your very kind words, I feel so flattered! Good luck with the 10-day-challenge, hope it will be fun :D

  2. Oh THANK YOU Christine for this unexpected SHOUT OUT! :D And how very kind and generous of you to include me in such august company? If you could see my Studio at this very moment, I think that you would see that you and I BOTH, are lovers of clutter and hoarders of things! In fact I have just enough room on my desk to type this- and that's all!!! :O


    1. I almost forgot to add that I went to the different sites that you've listed and I am ASTOUNDED by this branch of the miniature hobby. I didn't even realize that it existed. I know that you love horses and setting up scenes but I should have realized that the love of model horses has it's own set of adherents that are equally as passionate for them, as we are about house interiors. So thank you Christine, for opening up my eyes to this (new to me ) arena- It's Marvelous!!! :D

  3. Your newest fan here via Braymere! Loving your photos, inspiring!