Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Copperfox 10 Day Challenge! - Be a Model Horse

Day 3:  Be a Model Horse 

Imagine yourself as a model horse.
What colour would you be? What mould would you be created on? What scale?


As challenges go, this one isn't all that hard.

 Being a rather rotund individual with often untameable hair, the only logical conclusion to draw would be some kind of Cob...

Me and Smudge
The lovely Smudge, who I used to ride on holiday until he was sold.

...or Highland Pony... 

Carlung Feargus
The even lovelier Carlung Feargus who is pretty much my dream stallion. Swoon.

I do love a good chunky Clydesdale though too, so it's a toss-up between those three.

Ridden Clydesdale
No idea who this one is, but all the others had captions so I didn't want it to feel left out. XD

Of course this question is really about models, not real horses, and I think I've found the perfect mould.

The Julip Cob mare is chunky, well rounded and not tremendously flexible - all attributes I share!

Rather aptly, it was a photo of Carlung Feargus above that I sent in as a colour reference when I ordered up Rhona here.

As far as colour is concerned, my hair is a very dark brown, with lighter highlights during the summer, so perhaps a dun on seal bay would be appropriate?

Highland Ponies

Of course black dun (mouse dun or grulla) is one of my favourite shades of dun...

Ridden Highland Ponies

...and they, like most duns, show frosting on their manes and tail which kinda count as highlights, right?


So basically I already have my own model-me!


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  1. This was fun to read! I'm afraid I was a bit stumped when I did my "Be a model horse day". Okay - a lot stumped. I rambled on a bit about scale, mold, color, but never really said anything definite or shared pictures. Too bad I hadn't read yours first for some inspiration. Maybe I should repeat the challenge (or just that day) sometime... ;) Great job!!