Thursday, 29 March 2018

NaMoPaiMo prizes!

As everyone who took part in this year’s NaMoPaiMo knows, being lucky enough to win a prize wasn’t the point of the challenge, but a nice bonus and not something to be expected! However, I was told a couple of weeks ago by Jennifer that both myself AND Max would be getting something in the post, and it arrived last week. 

I didn’t sleep much the night before, after staying up until 6am to watch Critical Role (damn you timezones!) so I wasn’t quite with it when the parcel arrived, but once I’d woken up and realised what it was I couldn’t wait to investigate! 

 I’m utterly blown away, this is so incredibly generous and I just don’t have the words to thank you guys!  I got this absolutely beautiful Classic scale ‘Gigi’ resin by Mindy Berg, which I can’t wait to paint, though it might take a while to settle on a colour, but I’m already getting a very matronly broodmare feel to her, perhaps an old retired riding school pony or something? She’s currently the biggest resin I have now too! 

NaMoPaiMo 2018 prizes

NaMoPaiMo 2018 prizes!

NaMoPaiMo 2018 prizes!

 Max didn’t come away empty handed either, and now has another resin to paint, this time a Maggie Jenner Bennet grumpy pony! I have to admit that out of all of Maggie’s minis this one wasn’t my initial favourite, based purely on the pose but oh how my opinion has changed! There’s so much personality in this little beastie (I love the neck wrinkles!!!) and I’ve got so many colour ideas! I’ve been buzzing all day! 

NaMoPaiMo 2018 prizes!

Rest assured guys, there’ll be a repeat of Max’s adventures in painting next year!

NaMoPaiMo 2018 prizes!

On another note, I've been very bad at updating this blog recently - extra annoying as I actually have lots to post about for a change! Hopefully I'll get some more interesting stuff up on here soon.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Christine does NaMoPaiMo!

Max has hogged the limelight for far too long so here's what *I* got up to this month!

My goal for NaMo this year was to paint some models to sell (which I utterly failed at sadly) and finally get round to painting the Maggie Bennet micro mini Shetland I'd had sitting naked on my shelf for the last few years. I'd never been able to settle on a colour so he'd been relegated to the 'procrastination station' until such time as inspiration struck. It kinda didn't, but I pushed myself to paint him anyway and I honestly couldn't be happier with how he (and his bonus friend!) turned out.

NaMoPaiMo 2018

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Max does NaMoPaiMo - The Conclusion!

I meant to post this ages ago but I've been distracted by painting more ponies!😂

I managed to get everything spliced together into one video, so ta-da! Here's Max's work in its entirety!

I had a lot of fun making it all so I'll definitely be doing more like it in the future.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Max does NaMoPaiMo!

A little late to the party as ever, but the first of February marked the anniversary and new start to the incredibly fun and rewarding 'National Model Painting Month', or 'NaMoPaiMo'.
With well over 600 entrants this year, it's instantly bigger and better than last time and some people are already posting their finished horses on the Facebook group - some the same day the month long challenge began!

I aim to paint a micro mini I've had lying around naked for far too long...


...but I wasn't the only one in the household who had some goals for this month - Max wanted to take part too!


This post will contain the first part of her NaMoPaiMo experience...which includes stopmotions!
(click on the Instagram posts to view them)

If you're on Instagram you can follow #maxdoesnamopaimo to see her progress! 

I will of course be posting my own NMPM work, but let's face it, Max is way more photogenic!

Friday, 12 January 2018

Adventures in Articulation!

Three posts in one day? Oooft, I'm on a roll!

As you may have noticed in my previous couple of posts, there are a few new faces I've never formally introduced here and most of them have had rather a lot of plastic surgery!


A seriously belated thank you!

Many months ago, way back in August, I entered a very generous giveaway by Phyllis of  'A Day in the Life of My Dolls' not thinking for a moment that I'd win...right up until I got an email telling me just that not long after! 😲

I'd won two 2017 Fashionistas - #63 Platinum Pop - my first curvy Barbie - and a #11 Hyped on Stripes - Slim bodied Ken - my first Ken doll too! - in addition to a couple of fashion packs, a hammock and a handmade item by Phyllis herself. After picking my jaw up off the floor, I emailed in to accept and thank her profusely. I wouldn't have any real use for the hammock and I didn't want it to go to waste so I asked for someone else to get that, and she was happy to oblige.

I meant to post about their arrival when they did, but well, story of my life, I didn't. XD

I did photograph them though, so that's something! (but in October, judging by the decor, ahaha)


Thursday, 11 January 2018

Miniature Panettone tutorial!

 It's tutorial time!

Miniature Pannetone tutorial

I actually had a whole 'this tutorial is stolen!' gag to title this post before I remembered it wasn't a Stollen, but a Panettone, so that was a bit of a fail. XD  (although they look similar enough in texture so you totally could make one using this technique)

Anyway, here's how I made this 1/6th Panettone for Christmas - late to the party as ever!