Sunday, 15 January 2017

Christmas with Max and Juno - Part 2

 Belated Part 2 is belated, apologies! I've been avoiding the computer as the room it's in is freezing and I've literally only this week managed to get a new computer chair which is actually comfortable!

Last time we saw Max and Juno they were readying the living room for Christmas...

Max and Juno

Friday, 16 December 2016

Christmas with Max and Juno

It's that time of year again.


Christmas with Max and Juno

Living Room set

I've been on a real 1/6th scale kick recently and my poor ponies have been abandoned for the time being in favour of my dolls. I'll get back to them soon I promise, but for now the girls have taken over!

As seen in my last post about them, Max and Juno now have a sofa, but it was hardly a living room! After perusing Pinterest for inspiration I decided to make them a fireplace to go with it, and an assortment of walls and flooring options. It would probably have been sensible to make the walls and floor first, then the fireplace but when have I ever gone for the sensible option?

I hunted around for a suitably sized box and eventually found one in the form of packaging for some bath products. It was just the right height and depth, and despite the sides being relatively thin, it was made from very sturdy card. I found some tileable brick patterns online and printed out a few pages for the back and side which were affixed with double-sided tape.


Friday, 2 December 2016

Holiday in the Highlands - Part 6 - The Journey Home

Sorry, I know this holiday spam has been pretty huge but I took a LOT of photos. XD

As ever, the week seemed to have gone by far too soon and I really wanted to stay longer. Luckily the weather behaved beautifully for us, so our journey back down to Glasgow was a good one.

Woodland, overlooking Salen, Scottish Highlands  #scotland #scottishhighlands  #scottishscenery #salen

Holiday in the Highlands - Part 5 - Waterfalls, Ardtoe and Monster Midges!

Part 5

I've got all my dates and photos mixed up a bit so I'm kinda guessing which day I did what, haha. Oh and apologies for the terrible formatting - I always try to centre the photos but instagram apparently doesn't like it. D:

The next day brought with it better weather and for virtually the first time we could actually make out the cliffs of the Small Isles in the distance.