Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year - New Start

I know that most new year resolutions always end up getting forgotten about so what better way to keep it memorable than to have it in blog form!

  • Be more organised.

    I am a chronic procrastinator (case in point, I started writing this post LAST NIGHT, lol) and that needs to change.
    ...eventually. :P
  • Properly plan out and start writing my fantasy novel.

    I started it over a decade ago now and it's changed almost beyond recognition but I think I'm ready to start it properly now that I've had time to think about it.
  • Hold at least one give-away on the blog!

    I get so much enjoyment out of other people's knowledge, support and friendship and it's really the least I could do. Suggestions of what to give away would be appreciated though, lol.
  • Lose some weight - at LEAST a stone by this time next year.
    I'm nowhere near as self conscious as I once was but the weight does need to go if my other health issues are to resolve themselves so yeah, BRING ON THE CALORIE COUNTING! XD

  • Get back into riding again, even if it isn't as regular as it used to be.

    I can count the times I've been on a horse in 2012 on one hand and that's really not good. :( I miss it so much!
  •  Finish my Vaskal sculpture!
    He's been in progress for nearly two years now which even for me is pretty bad!

    What are your resolutions?


  1. I think "Be more organized" has been at the top of my resolution list every year for the last three decades. That doesn't bode well for it actually happening, but anything is possible, right?

    I'd also like to lose weight, have at least one blog giveaway (probably when I top one million pageviews) and paint at least one model. A girl can dream...


    1. Haha, it definitely doesn't bode well then! XD

  2. Good luck with them! I didn't make resolutions, I set goals instead (and put them on my blog!!) but when you finish your book I would love to read it ;)

    1. You may be old and grey by the time it gets finished but of course you can read it! :D I want to get a lot more conceptual art for it up on dA soon to encourage me to keep going! lol

  3. Forgot to mention that I would definitely enter a giveaway if one was held!

  4. Those are cool resolutions! Good luck with living up to them, I will cheer you on. :)
    I am looking most forward to the Vaskal sculpture.

    1. Thanks! :D
      So am I! lol He's still being obstinate and refuses to let me know what colour he wants to be so I can't hair him until he's decided!