Thursday, 24 January 2013

1/12th scale 'working' Fridge!

The partner to my previous make; this didn't evolve quite as smoothly as its predecessor!

While made nearly entirely from styrene, a few more interesting bits and pieces came into play as it went along.

1/12th scale 'working' Fridge

I made the main structure from normal white styrene but the shelves were composed of clear styrene with some nicely textured plastic from some rather delicious Dutch Waffles I had bought earlier that da - oh, this is amazing, I've just realised I can activate italics as I type by hitting Ctrl I. Italics on, italics off! Shiny. :D

Anyway, I dichlo'd the plastic on and although it went a bit opaque I really liked the effect.

I really fancied making some little drawers to go at the bottom for keeping salady stuff in them but in the end I didn't need to as I already had some ready made with very little alteration needed.

1/12th scale 'working' Fridge

Can you guess what they are yet?



Pill boxes!

I got a couple of them from the pound shop a while ago and although you have to sacrifice a couple if you want individual boxes (they all share sides) they're the ideal size for keeping small things in and remarkably, fitted perfectly into the fridge first time!
I had already sanded one of them as I'd been intending to paint it and needed to give the paint something to adhere to so I gave the other a once over with sandpaper to match before cutting the lids off and giving them both cut-out 'handles' at the front. 

Alas, I became so engrossed in construction that I neglected to take any more photos of it in progress! Suffice to say, my attempt to make a glazed door failed in spectacular fashion to the point that I literally threw it across my desk in disgust and started again with a solid door. This one is a bit wonky and I know I should have really spent a little more time on it but it's only held on with double-sided tape so I can easily redo it if I feel like changing it.

I put in another LED which, although it doesn't light it up as much as the microwave's one did, it does give it a really nice cold glow which was exactly what I'd hoped. As before the 'switch' is activated by touching two wires together which doesn't look fantastic but I managed to hide most of it at the back and when the door's open you can't see any of it so it doesn't really matter.

1/12th scale 'working' Fridge1/12th scale 'working' Fridge

1/12th scale 'working' Fridge

1/12th scale 'working' Fridge

Ignore the massive wad of double-sided tape on the door - it's the only way I can get the damn thing to stay closed at the moment! XD

1/12th scale 'working' Fridge

Lisa's nice healthy salad contrasts somewhat with David's plate of leftover pizza...

The front is decorated with a few 'magnets' and photos along with a yearly calendar for putting all the show dates and holidays in so no one forgets.

1/12th scale 'working' Fridge

The two finished appliances.

1/12th scale 'working' kitchen appliances

So yeah, I'm pretty chuffed with both of them!

Any other suggestions for stuff?


  1. I'm afraid all my suggestions go something like this, "Oooooooooh! Make another one for ME!"


    1. Haha, the amount of angst it took to make this one has put me off fridges for life I think! XD

  2. You are so clever! These look amazing!
    How about a TV, or a smaller type barbecue?


    1. I already have a TV for that room I got with one of my figures so that's a no for that one...barbeque...mayyyybeee but it's not exactly the season for it here! lol

    2. Sandwich press?

      Love the texture of the shelves and the EA magnet.

  3. A stove maybe?

    That thing is just too cute,good job :)