Thursday, 24 December 2020

Magpie Models Stable - Complete!

 As the previous post was getting super long, I decided to dedicate this one to photos of it in its finished form with little to no commentary. Enjoy!



While the stable was made for Magpies, I discovered that the Collectas by Deb McDermott fitted in rather well, so I painted one up specially! I haven't thought of a name for him yet but he's definitely one of the best customs I've done to date.

One of the best aspects of a fully modular stable was that I could remove one whole wall and it still stayed upright, so I could get the camera inside for extra detailed photographs.

Of course, I couldn't just let this horse have all the fun, the Magpies had to try it out as well - it was built for them after all!

Not to be outdone, a couple of Julips too. Only the pony moulds really fitted it, but they don't look too out of scale.

It wasn't just the horses that made themselves at home in the stable; the Julip chicken flock moved in pretty quickly too!

I had a few more photos to add, but Google Photos, which I am now forced to use for this blog as they don't seem to allow you to embed Flickr images anymore (😠) doesn't seem to want to upload them properly, though I'll add them in if they eventually show up.

I had an absolute blast with this project, and I hope you've all enjoyed the photos! :)

I've tried to attach a couple of videos of it but Google Photos isn't exactly my friend at the moment so they may or may not work. XD


Urgh, so I can't seem to embed them, but the first one here is a full 'tour' of the stable...

Stable Tour! 

..and this one shows how it easily disassembles for easy storage!

Flat pack!



  1. I've loved all these photos, not only are the scenes set up so well, but you've perfected the lighting and camera angles to make them look like real snapshots people take round the yard, after dark with the lights on, or horses snuggled up in their bedding and stable rugs. Having the end wall removeable is a stroke of genius from a photography point of view!

    Also that skewbald CollectA is so very handsome, you need to show us more of your custom work round here!

    1. Ahhh thank you! Some of my favourite shots were taken on my phone (the cooler toned ones) and I they really remind me of the slightly grainy photos I remember taking after an evening lesson in winter, when the light’s gone and all you have is artificial light. I obviously need to paint more horses in that scale, as these were the only ones that fitted in properly! I’ve got several magpie bodies knocking around and a few more Collecta as well!

      LOL I know, my muse for painting is just so fickle. I got really into it earlier in the year because I wanted to paint some up specifically to sell, and had loads of interest...only nobody seemed interested when I actually put them up for sale and that Linda killed my vibe. :/ I’ve more or less run out of display space unless I do some serious renovations, so right now I have all these finished horses just gathering dust next to all my nearly finished WIPs and it’s really frustrating. -.-
      NaMoPaiMo is coming up again though, so I’m definitely going to try harder to document next year’s progress!

  2. Most lovely Christine. I have really enjoyed 'mucking' around your stable and in your stall. Some of these photos really feel like I'm in there with the horse, and knowing how every detail was created just makes it better.
    I have that very CollectA within arm's reach (in chestnut). I didn't know about Magpies, so will have to research them sometime.