Saturday, 19 September 2020

Printable Feedbags!


 Years and years ago I made some printables for my Julips using a template I found somewhere online and pretty terrible resolution images of real feed bags. They weren't great but everyone seemed to like them at the time and they came in really handy for scenes.


A few years later I decided to make some new ones using my own art and designs which turned out really well and I couldn't wait to share them. Then, I accidentally resized the original photoshop file, leaving them unable to be edited properly, so I held back. I originally intended to make a whole range of products in the same vein, but as so often happens with me when disaster strikes, my interest in the project absolutely evaporated as soon as I ran into issues.

The names have nothing to do with their actual scale, I just thought it'd be a nice little in joke. XD

The shavings bag template was covered in clear packing tape before I glued it together to make it look like a clear plastic bag. I experimented with taping clear plastic from packaging around it (like if you were wrapping a present) and that gave a much more realistic look, so I'd recommend trying that, especially as it's a great way to recycle!

Anyway, I was sorting out my files today when I rediscovered them and decided they'd been in hiding for too long! They *should* be big enough for Traditionals, but that's not my preferred scale so forgive me if they end up a little small.

I just used plain old printer paper which works well, and gave them a spray of gloss varnish after I'd glued them together. This didn't work quite as well as I'd have liked but I'm sure with a bit of experimenting you can come up with some more ideas!

If you've never made a printable like this before, it's quite simple. Just cut them out, and fold along the lines, then use tacky glue/glue stick to assemble. I like to stuff them with scrunched up loo roll or scrap paper to give them a bit of dimension, though you could also put actual feed or dry rice/pulses in for a realistic weight and shape. 

Daisy Stalls on YouTube made some and has an excellent video guide on how to assemble them as well as some other really nice stable accessories.

I have to say, I haven't been around an actual feed room in literal years, so forgive me any inaccuracies!


Feel free to make as many as you like in whatever scale you want but please don't sell them or try to pass them off as your own work.

Here's the ancient ones too, just in case anyone's interested. I personally don't think they're very good but I know they were pretty popular when I made them originally. 😂

(Apparently I couldn't be bothered cleaning up the edges of the green one. 🙈)

In other news, I've had several posts sitting in my drafts for months because Blogger has changed and now I can't seem to embed any photos from Flickr like I've been doing for years. I now need to use Google Photos, which is fine for some things, but one of the main reasons I like Flickr is being able to keep all my images in one place, and I hate the fact I'm now going to have to upload stuff to Google separately if I want to blog about them. 😠  Also, Blogger Does Not Like my laptop for some reason and won't let me scroll the page properly and just, urghhh, first world problems.

I know I say it in virtually every post, but I hope I can post more regularly! This year has been a nightmare for many reasons, and certainly wasn't what I was hoping for, regarding consistant blog posting! 😓


  1. I've still got your old printed ones in my Julip feedroombox, even though I never take it anywhere it still exists with all it's clutter intact! I know I didn't print them myself (I've not had a working printer since college) so I'm assuming you must've been my secret santa at some point and put those in for me?

    Blogger seems to change on a regular basis, ever since the big swap to New Blogger, they keep tweaking the way it handles formatting and especially images (just this week the way to alter photo sizes totally changed), I really struggled with the new one at first but each little change they make every few weeks, seems to make it a little bit more useable. Even though it does leave you a bit discombobulated when you go to do something the same way as last time and it's not like that any more.

    I find the best way to deal with the photo issue isn't to use Google Photos (I don't even know what that IS, or whether I automatically have it cos I've got a Blogger account? Never seen it, anyway), but to upload them directly into each post as you make it, so they're hosted by Blogger itself. Then if you ever want to use the same photo again in a different post, you'll find them on the same 'add photo' menu but click Blogger and they're all there in a little album you can scroll through. Google is probably just as easy but I didn't want yet another account and page to have to faff about with, my thinking is I'm already ON Blogger to write a blog post so it seems easiest to put them in Blogger's folder.
    But you're so right, it's annoying to have to upload them here and then onto Postimg if I want a duplicate copy that'll hotlink for posting anywhere else, and to keep my albums there up to date with what I own, and I don't really get WHY Blogger decided to abolish embedding images in the first place, cos surely it's better for them NOT to have to host our stuff when we could happily use someone else's server and space to display it, heh

    1. Yeah that definitely rings a bell! Let me know if you want any of the new ones and I’ll send you some printed out ones, lol
      Yeah, it’s really frustrating, but especially because I post on here so infrequently, the differences are even greater! I had thought of just uploading them direct like you said but I’m not sure how much space you get, though now that I think about it I don’t post often enough to really be an issue, lol. Google Photos is kind of similar too, but the whole thing is just one big faff and I’m getting old and grumpy enough to complain about it constantly. XD

    2. Oh, that'd be great! I'd like a shavings bag, and maybe one Traditional Conditioning (because I love that drawing most!) and one Pasture Mix, all 12th scale please because my other brand models are totally neglected compared to the spoilt Julips and don't ever get feed or bedding :D I'll owe you the cost of a stamp IF we ever get to see each other in person again! Or maybe pay you back with a cadbury mini roll to keep up the tradition of those being funny :D

      One thing I wish Blogger WOULD change and yet they never do, is replying on comments - you can't answer someone's reply directly and have to start a new comment. I know you'll see this one anyway since it's going to your own blog, but it bugs me that it's not going to be properly ARRANGED on screen and will start a new thread when it ought to be attached to your reply to me! And you can't reply to anybody else on a blog and know they'll see it, unless they specifically come back to look at the other comments. Blogger's less bothered by providing logical commenting and more concerned with moving the New Post button weekly so we get to play the game of So Where Do I Click This Time (my favourite was the floating orange dot which wandered off the edge of the screen display and couldn't be reached, hahah)

    3. I’ll see what I can do! I’m still trying to work out how to connect my laptop to the printer via wifi, but failing that I’ll just stick em on a usb stick and do it that way. XD (also yes, you read that right, I’ve finally embraced the laptop life after years of stubbornly refusing to try one. XD So far the only downsides are that despite being bought brand new, it doesn’t like headphones and only lets them work if you go into the sound settings and manually switch the inputs EVERY TIME, and Adobe has stopped authenticating the ancient version of Photoshop I’ve been happily using for years, so despite having all the files for it I can’t use it, and I loathe the latest GIMP as well and just, arghh, whyyy. D:)

      LOL I’d forgotten about those! XD I was so looking forward to seeing everyone at shows this year but 2020 hasn’t exactly been great for all that. XD

      Omg I hadn’t even thought about that but yes, it’s such a basic thing as well, why on earth haven’t they implemented it by now?! It’s not like it’s ye olden internet times after all.
      Ahahaha I must have missed that one! At least they keep it consistently orange! (And at least it isn’t like Facebook right now - they’ve done a big update and made everything look really simplistic and blocky which seems to be universally loathed by everyone but there’s nothing we can do to change it. Luckily the mobile version looks as it always has and that’s where I use it the most but every time I go on there via the laptop I cringe so hard, it’s awful.

  2. Hah, welcome to laptops! I'm currently in the Agh The Hinge Broke Again stage of laptop life, mine always seem to physically wear out long before anything else goes wrong with them, if I try to close it (or even just adjust the angle) the entire screen half snaps open along the side with hideous cracking noises then it clunks and creaks til I snap it all shut again. There's currently a bit of 8mm royal blue grosgrain ribbon tied tightly round the hinge which seems to be the only thing stopping it crack apart, and when I'm not using it I have to stand it on end like an open book. This is the THIRD laptop I've had in this state, so it must be something about the way I open or close it which is especially hard on hinge mechanisms! At least I haven't typed holes through the keys on this one :D

    You can get old versions of GIMP from when it was good! I'm still running 2.6.8 because that's what I had first and the only one I like, you can download them from the real GIMP website if you remmeber which version you had before, or I could probably email you the entire program files folder as an attachment if you wanted the same one I've got? I think we were using it around the same time, so maybe this IS what you were used to as well, I just copy-paste this from each computer to the next so it's a genuine antique edition now!

    I laughed that after saying mine would show up as a new comment thread, it's actually come up as a reply to my own first comment. I'm talking to myself and you're answering :D

    1. Oh ok, THAT one started a new comment thread. This is just..Blogger, sort y'self out.

    2. Oh ffs, I just typed out a massive response, hit send and blogger buggered off and it was lost to the æther. -.- Right, take two, lol

      Oh my god, what DO you do to them?! XD On the plus side, is there any technology you haven’t yet been able to fix with ribbon and/or wire? I still remember good old Zombie-cam living well past his sell by date! (And lol at the keyboard, I remember once some of your keys had stopped working and you had to keep copying and pasting the letters into every post XD)

      Mine is still in one piece for now, and hopefully will remain so!

      Yeah, I did copy the old version across but it didn’t work for some reason so I’ll need to try again. I don’t mind the new version really, but the layout annoys me and it feels like everything’s in the wrong place.

    3. I think I'm just inexplicably hard on my laptops (and boots. I wear holes through the bottom of my work boots on a regular basis, and there's almost always a bit of duck tape under my welly heel to try to keep the water out, AND they have to be those great heavy neoprene fishermans wellies just to make them last more than a month in the first place.)

      Oh yes, I haven't thought about zombie-cam for years but I did keep that thing going right up til it ate those photos of Rosie and they had to be salvaged in pieces and various colours by a data recovery programme!

      It took me WEEKS to get out of the habit of pressing Ctrl and V every time I wanted to type an E!

  3. hey! how do i print them?

    1. Just save the images to your computer and import them into something like Word or PowerPoint where you can resize them to your desired scale then...print them? 😂

  4. Thank you so much, I have really enjoyed making these for my Schleich stables. It’s so much fun and it made me really happy!😊