Wednesday, 12 August 2015


I've got out of the habit of entering photo shows, but I think I definitely made the right decision in joining in with Model Horse Love's CFT show earlier this month!

Ted Tonks - Reserve Champion
EA Ted Tonks - Fun Reserve Champion

I can't remember which photo I used for Ted... XD

Archie and Kestral - Reserve to Reserve Champions
EAE Archipelago & EAE Kestralis - Performance Reserve to Reserve 
Seriously, HOW well does it suit Kestral's bridle?!

Mounted Games
This is such a terribly old picture with terrible old tack and backdrop, I'm rather amazed it won tbh

Ezio - Reserve Champion
EAE Ezio's Kling Van Wraak - Performance Reserve Champion


Digby - Champion
EAE Gravedigger - Performance Champion

EAE Gravedigger - Cross Country

Digby - Overall Champion
EAE Gravedigger - Overall Supreme Champion

My 1/12th scale riding school office roombox also got Overall Reserve to Reserve Champion, but I couldn't be bothered taking it off the shelf and dusting it all just to get a photo with the rosette so you'll just have to use your imagination!

EAE Office

I'm not a huge fan of pink, but I think I can overlook it this time! :P


  1. I'm being dumb here as I don't understand the format of the competition - the reserve thingy and what a fun reserve is but YAY you. Congratulations on whatever it is you have won =0D

    1. Oh don't worry, you're not being dumb at all, it's just a very nerdy model horse thing. XD
      Basically we run model horse shows, usually judged like the real thing with regards to realism and conformation and whatnot. We also have a lot of informal ones, and 'fun' divisions with less strict rules and more, well, fun. XD You get a lot of classes like 'prettiest mare' and 'conga' classes, for those who collect lots of the same mould. This one had a few classes especially for tack and props! There's 'photo' showing and 'live' showing. The photoshows have you set up a picture of the model like its a snapshot of a moment in time, so for showjumping classes for example you'll often get a model in mid canter or halfway over a jump, with rider and tack etc etc. Live shows are held 'in person' and are usually just a good excuse to get a bunch of collectors together, whilst enjoying the competition.
      The photo show I took part in was for 'CTF' or 'Craft, Toy and Foundation' models, a subsection of model types that sort of kickstarted the hobby in the UK - lots of handmade models and British brands like Julip.

      The reserve thingy is from real horse showing - you'd have the champion of the show or class, and a reserve - I'm not sure if that's as a literal backup in case they can't accept it for whatever reason or as more of a second place thing (as you couldn't have 'champion' then 'second') and the reserve to the reserve is another level down, haha!
      The fun reserve in this case was for the 'Fun' division of the show, which my entry didn't win, but almost did. Kind of.

      TL;DR - I have shiny ponies and they won shiny rosettes. XD