Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Completed 'Todd' medallion.

Chronic procrastinator that I am, it's taken me several years to finish painting this little guy.
I'm not really a medallion person but I've got a few of my own stuck to the wall in front of my desk and this was the only one remaining unpainted.

I can't remember when exactly I got him - part of me wants to say that he was a prize from a forum show or something - but I probably did just buy him from his sculptor, Clare Stokes. He's sold out now though so I'm glad I got him when I did.

I primed him after he arrived, stuck him to the lid of a jam jar so I could paint him with ease...then, sort of...didn't. I tried, don't get me wrong, he was several shades of bay, then chestnut, then pinto, but every time I'd get halfway through and give up as it just wasn't right.

Finally, he let me know that roan was what he wanted to be, and in the space of an afternoon watching old episodes of Time Team (my childhood! <3 a="" acrylics="" almost="" and="" but="" exclusively="" eye.="" finished="" for="" hairs="" he="" i="" mane="" pastel="" pastels="" pencil="" some="" switched="" the="" to="" used="" was="">

'Todd' medallion, by Clare Stokes

'Todd' medallion, by Clare Stokes

'Todd' medallion, by Clare Stokes

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  1. WOW Christine! You have an Enormous talent when it comes to painting horses! The skill that you display in shading and the highlighting is beyond anything that I could imagine! You have managed to make this medallion "Breathe"! and I Applaud you!