Friday, 6 June 2014

The end (of the course) is nigh!

Apologies once again for being so incredibly lax in posting recently, college has been manic!

As it happens, I can't use that as an excuse any more as I am now officially finished my course! It has been an incredible three years and I honestly don't want to leave, I'm going to miss it so much. :(

 A couple of months ago, some students from the filmmaking department of our college asked I and some of my friends if we'd be up for taking part in a short film about the modelmaking course and what we do on it. There were only a few of us that were 'brave' enough to take part so I managed a little section halfway through with Ferdinand the Unicorn! XD I got super nervous (which is why I'm blethering on so much) as although I can happily talk to people about whatever, as soon as there's a camera in my face I just go all over the place.  ::)

It's my end of year show next week, and immediately after that, myself and a handful of my classmates will be travelling down to London for the 'New Blades' modelmaking recruitment fair on Wednesday. I wasn't expecting to be picked at all (only about six of us are going) so I'm really looking forward to it. After that (or perhaps a week later as we're still not finished the Corris model, lol) I'll have completely finished with it all which really makes me sad as I love it so much and I really don't want to leave. :(

I'll post about my final project properly next week with a run-down on how I made everything and how our end of year show/Blades went once everything's over and done with and I'll also have some rather exciting news about my modelmaking in general so watch this space!

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  1. Awwww, all over now? That must both be great and sad. I love the film, you are not doing as bad as you think! And you and Ferdinand totally deserved to be in it.
    Now I am looking forward to the final project and expect more awesomeness - as always. XD
    I wish you much luck on the recruitment fair- whoever employs you is sure to get a very nice new employee full of wonderful ideas. *cheers you on*