Thursday, 19 November 2015

More rugs than you can shake a stick at!

As seen a couple of posts ago, I've been in something of a rugmaking frenzy. Call it unbridled creativity or just what I do when I'm without decent internet access, regardless, I've been busy!

I didn't bother photographing all the old ones individually as I'd be there forever, but here's a closer look at the new ones you won't have seen.

Freckles got a very jazzy number which co-ordinates fantastically with her pre-existing tack.

Freckles' rug

Spud's is made from what I think is brushed cotton, so it's really soft and fuzzy!

Spud's rug

 Echo suits chocolate and green...

Echo's rug

I've got so many Family Horses now that they don't all fit in the same photo!

Family Horses

Family Horses

Somehow Danny's seems to have shrunk since I made it - he's obviously been gorging himself! I've still got more of the same fabric so I'll just have to make it all over again.

Danny's rug

Lady recieved a nice cosy red fleece stable rug which I think suits her down to the ground.

Lady's rug

Lady's rug

Here's all four of my Welsh Ponies in their outerwear. XD

Welsh ponies

Kirkby really seemed to suit that dark wine colour, but I wanted something a little more traditional for him rather than just a plain or patterned fabric, so he got check instead.

Kirkby's rug

Here he is posing with the other ponies I haven't conga'd yet. XD


Kestral's been wanting something to match her bitless bridle for a while and this upholstery fabric, while thick and textured, was exactly the right colour. Lippis are really awkward to make tack for as they've got ridiculously short backs.

Kestral's rug

I wanted Rhona's rug to match her green/purple thistle theme and luckily I had enough fabric left from making Breanaa's dress and when combined with a nice dark green bias binding, looks great.
You may have noticed that I've more or less stopped using buckles on the main part of my rugs. This not only looks more realistic, but it's also significantly faster to get them done up, which will be a godsend for showing, as I'm always the last to leave as I'm still doing up tiny buckles!

Rhona's rug

All my Cob Mares thus far!

Cob Mares

Some more upholstery fabric came in handy for Byron's rug, which I vividly remember making whilst half watching Chicago PD. XD

Byron's rug

Spats got a nice black and white checked number, which I may have shown before, I can't remember.

Spat's rug

Merlin so suited his baby blue headcollar that I just had to find some fabric to match!

Merlin's rug

What colour should you choose for Fred, your most orange horse? More orange, obviously!

Fred's rug

 A row of cosy Cob Stallions!

Cob Stallions

I'm not too keen on Finn's rug in the end, though I love the fabric, I didn't make it properly and it doesn't drape very well. :( I might have to redo it eventually.

Finn's rug

The other two Show Cobs look happy with theirs though!

Show Cobs

Ezio's is another I'm not very happy with. I used some really glitzy (and easily frayed!) metallic fabric, but like Finn's, it doesn't sit very well and I'll need to remake it one day.

Ezio's rug

Oberyn's isn't too bad though!

Oberyn's rug

Arab Stallions

Two of my favourites are Laufey and Quinn's though - I love the fabric and the Mustang mould looks good in virtually anything. XD

Laufey's rug

Quinn's rug


I've been itching to use this fabric! I adore the combination of brown and teal, and while her colour scheme is a much darker teal I think she gets away with this.

Luna's rug

Kenway's went down the same road as Danny's and is a little too small. :(

Kenway's rug

Irish Draughts

Finally, the smallest rug in the batch - Indy's!

Indy's rug

Indy's rug

Oh and here's a bonus tack set for Toa! I've been meaning to make his tack for a while, but now that I've made it, I might have to donate the saddle to someone else as it was meant to be a deeper seated endurance type...and in dark brown rather than black!

Oh well, he can model it for now. XD

Toa's tack

Toa's tack
I swear he has the most adorable face of all my Julips



  1. So hard to pick a favourite! They're all beautiful!

  2. Replies
    1. Not really, though I might do depending on what was wanted - I only do this scale though, I haven't attempted anything larger.

  3. I really like all of the blankets and especially love the baby blue one!