Monday, 26 January 2015

BCS Winter Photo Challenge

I love a good scavenger hunt and couldn't resist entering Jennifer Buxton's brilliant (and generous!) little contest!

As the weather and light is so terrible at the moment, I recycled some older photos rather than taking some new ones specifically.

1. Vintage


This one isn't 'vintage' in the true sense of the word, but she was one of my very first customs, back before I knew there was an actual hobby for model horses!

2. Nekkid


Hadrian mini resin before he found himself some clothes!

3. Scale Issues

Pony Party

Just to put it in perspective, the little bay in the middle-left is a Mini Whinny foal. :P

4. I See Spots

 EA You Can't Take The Sky From Me

EA You Can't Take The Sky From Me - custom Schleich

5. Unbridled Passion

 Don't Fight The Fire

 I took Rafiki the SM to college with me one day when I was still doing my Photography course so I could try him out with the super shiny macro lenses. :P

6. Rare Breed


EAE Maigheach of Dúneachann - Highland pony mare. :D

7. Portrait

Skara - 1:6 scale custom Skyrim bash.

Skara and Inky the cob pose for a picture somewhere out in the wilds of Skyrim.

8. Conga 

Lakeland Julip Show 2014

Most of my Julip Family Horses! (so far, anyway!)

9. The Great Outdoors

 Beach Ride

Beach rides are the best. Just saying. :P

10. Best In Show

 Tiny Axelsquish wins a rosette twice as big as himself! 


  1. Ha, I love the beach scene. Do you get funny looks from people passing? I once joined a competition to photograph an action figure in the most unusual place - I picked the local swimming baths, in the pool. What we do for our hobby =0D

    1. Not that I've noticed! It was a pretty quiet beach so there weren't many people about, but I do it nearly every year so I'm kind of immune to people's possible stares now, lol.
      One time I took my 1:6 scale horse and rider out on a walk with friends - they're well used to my madness so they just stood and chatted while I shot, but then a guy and his son turned up and looked out at the same view I was shooting, but somehow DIDN'T SEE the models in front of me! XD I think they must have just assumed I was taking pictures of the view...

      It's easier with the Julips as I can just stuff them back in my bag at a moment's notice if I need to, but as Inky is about a foot long it's not quite so convieniant. XD

  2. I really enjoyed all your photos!

  3. Love love LOVE the Skyrim shot!

    1. Thanks! :D There should be more of them to see soon - I took advantage of the snow... :P

  4. Lovely photos! Scale Issues and the one on the beach are my favorites. :D

    1. Cheers! I still think that beach shot is one of my favourite model photos. :) Julips may not be 'realistic' in the same way as other brands, but they still work well in the great outdoors. :)