Friday, 7 October 2011

New rugs!

I meant to post these ages ago but oh well. XD I had to take photos with my dad's camera as Nigel's still away being (hopefully) fixed. :(

First up is Freya who gets a nice blue checked rug with matching headcollar. It's really soft and comfy looking and is probably my favourite of the lot.

Freya's rug

Freya's headcollar

Then Callisto (recently rehaired too) with a nice little green number. :) It looks a little too small but it does fit her fine, I just needed to pull it over her barrel a bit more.

Callisto's rug

Paddy gets a nice new stable rug as well. I want to make him a nice turnout at some point too - this one's too nice to get messed up in the field!

Paddy's rug

Rhu gets a nice cosy stable rug as he's getting on a bit and could do with some extra padding to keep him warm in the winter. I made the fleecy headcollar ages ago.

Rhu's rug

Rhu's rug

Likewise, Tegan has a really squishy rug with neck attachment for those really miserable days that are surely on their way! (It actually snowed in town today O__O)

Tegan's rug

Tegan's rug

Lyra gets one to match her headcollar. I'm still not sure about the colour scheme but she seems to like it. 8-)

Lyra's rug

So yeah, that's all for now! I'll have another newbie soon so she'll need some new clothes too... ;)


  1. ...Newbie? Interesting... :3
    I'm so jealous of all the fabric you own. I can't find such small patterns anywhere!

  2. Darnit, now I want to curl up on my bed with the Lion King and make pretty rugs! You do such a lovely job!

  3. Indeed. ;P I've been wanting one in that mould for ages and as she was such a lovely colour I couldn't resist! She's not here yet though so I'm getting twitchy! XD I get my fabric as 'fat quarters' - sold for making patchwork quilts and things. You can get some really brilliant colours and patterns that way!

    Do eeeeeeeet! :D It's very theraputic! (and YAY for TLK! It comes out over here next week and I absolutely can't wait to see it on the big screen again! :D :D)

  4. Is it one of those arabs? xD
    Do you know of any place online where it is sold?

  5. Lovely rugs, the patterns are very realistic - Your pones look very happy and smart in them! I've recently (I say recently... I mean whenever it was last that I had time on my hands to even consider making tack)discovered fat quarters, they're economic and usually pretty unique :)

  6. It is indeed an Arab! I had a hell of a time trying to rehair her though as she had a really wide neck slot and the mohair kept falling out. DX

    Yeah, they come in really handy for fabric exchanges and things too. :D

  7. How to you make your rugs they are amazing ! :)