Thursday, 19 May 2011

Shetland Family!

Yesterday Mr Shetland told me that he was feeling lonely and could I possibly rustle him up a friend... Someow I managed to produce not only a mare but a foal to go with her, all in one day! I baked them this morning and gah, love them so much! ^^

Right well, these aren't brilliant photos... (I had better ones but I accidently removed them from existance by accidently deleting the wrong folder on the computer which was...professional.)

Anyway, I decided that seeing as Mr Shetland now had a wife and kid, I may as well make him a proper him if you see what I mean. XD I also gave him eyelids which I'd forgotten to add on before his last baking.



Next up is his missus! I'm still not happy with her hind legs but meh, she's baked now so whatevs. XD I love her attitude though - typical grumpy Shetland!



I didn't take any decent shots of the foalie this time round so you'll just need to look at him in group photos. I definitely need to add some more bulk to his legs though I think.

Mare and Foal

Stallion, Mare and Foal.

Tacked up...mostly. XD

Foal, Stallion and Mare

Paw, Maw and the Wean.

Here they are with Lady the Julip Welshie to show the scale.

Lady, Mr S, Mrs S and Shetland Jr.

So yeah, not bad for a day's work I think! ;D


  1. Awwwwwwwwwww :3 *dies of cuteness*

    The foals legs definitely need a bit more "fat", but apart from that he's great. They're all super cute! :D

  2. Awwww!! They are sooo cute!! My favourite is the slightly grumpy mare.♥♥♥

    The foal's elbow region needs a little change, then the legs would look right. As is, the legs are "attached" to the body with an angle more befitting something like a dog. (Upper arm angled to lower arm bone)Hm, how to explain? Ah, maybe like this- if the hoof were in a straight line under the elbow joint, then it would look right. Setting the hoof forward like that, would need to move shoulder and elbow as well.
    Hope this helps. ^-^

  3. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean! XD I had loads of photos of Shetland foals up to sculpt from but yeah, somehow he ended up turning into a canine instead! XD

  4. Oh, don't worry, maybe you just created a highly sought after cross-over of Shetland Sheepdog and Shetland Pony. Just think, you needn't decide if you want a dog or a pony, you can have both. XD

    But don't worry, it is not that "bad" on your foal, really, just couldn't resist. ;)