Sunday, 17 April 2011

Richmond Julip Live

A little late I know, but I had a wonderful time at the Julip show in Richmond the week before last. I managed to get two fourth places in the championships (for Scene and Fun respectively) which although not quite as good as I'd done at the last live, was still something to be proud of - especially considering what my lot were up against! :D

True to form I took LOADS of photos, all of which can be viewed here.

As it would take up this entire post, here's a link to the thread I made about the show which might be interesting to some of you. :)

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I'll post a couple of my favourite entries here though.

The sign outside the venue - painted by the host, Tania.

Richmond Julip Show 2011

'At the Local Gymkhana' scene class.

'At the local gymkhana'

'At the local gymkhana'

'An historic scene or scene from a movie or literature' scene class.

'An historic scene or scene from a movie or literature'

'An historic scene or scene from a movie or literature'

'Beasts of Burden' class.

'Beasts of Burden'

My little Lyra-donkey did rather well in this class, getting a second place. :D Not bad for a harness that I managed to adjust to fit her the day before I left for the show! XD (it was made to fit Maisie the very rotund Cob Mare...)

EAE Lyra

Harecroft Flint(?)

‘Running away with me’

Harecroft Reuben

'Fresh From the Field Pony'

'Fresh From The Field Pony' - Harecroft Rosie

'Fresh From The Field Pony'

'Fresh From The Field Pony'

Vintage Cob Stallion


My two big winners -

'EAE Maigheach of Dúneachann'

EAE Maigheach of Dúneachann

and 'EAE Jazz Hands and EAE Archipelago'

Gymkhana Scene.


  1. Wow! There are some amazing set ups. I love your gymkhana scene and the war scene with the horsey gas mask. Awesome!

  2. Cool I love the tack